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We warmly welcome all to our website. It is the authoritative website of Mr. J. RAJASEKARAN. Our Sri Maha Siva Thulliya Nadi Astrology centre at Vaitheeswaran kovil is one of the most prominent Nadi Astrology & Agasthiyar nadi jothidam centre in the world. We are very much glad & take immense honor in declaring that our centre is one of the oldest Nadi astrological centers in the world and recognized throughout the world. We are in the past 4th generation in the successful path of this eternal service to our beloved Customers across the universe on serving this service from our ascendants.

In ancient history, it was believed that the earth was created by Sri Brahma, the planetary God of Knowledge, who is a higher sensibility of each and every human being, and the whole universe is guarded by three energetic cosmic Gods namely the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh).

Nādi Astrology is also termed as "nadii jyotisa" which is a form of Dharma astrology followed in diverse zones in India. It is being considered on the faith that the past, present and the future lives of all human beings were predicted by Dharma sages in old-age times.

The wisdom of Nadi Astrology has been expressed as one of most authentic ways of foreseeing an individual sole's future. Hefty sum of people has been favored by this astrology system across the universe and has afforded a superior assistance in their important decision making situations. Every single human being's future hope have been devoted through the palm leaves and read by the four generations of our family. It well suits for all diverse countries across the universe. Since Internet is one of the best ever mode of communication among the fellow people, we have started serving through online Nadi astrology system. "Nadi" is the key concept of Nadi Astrology. A Sign or Rāshi incorporates 150 Nadi's; one sign is termed as 30 degrees of the zodiac 360. Twelve signs of zodiac are categorized into three grades that count Movable, Fixed and Dual signs.